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Storytelling WITH SOUL

movement Making 

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Boxes. Boundaries. Breaking Through. 

Boxes amaze me. Their restrictive power when we try to fit people inside them. The creative freedom that comes from pushing against them.  I use boxes - pages, frames, screens, stages - to explore the visible and invisible barriers that separate us as humans as well as those elements that bind us together.

The questions I can't shake - What are the boundaries between you and me? What are the common currencies we deal in? What brings us together to create change?

Drawn to the beauty in our intricate differences and our frightening similarities I find joy in listening. Listening to people who are battling barriers. These voices teach us about ourselves and our own ability to overcome limitations.

Do you believe we have more in common than not? That beauty transforms? That everyone has a story to share? If yes, I'd love to hear from you. 

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Campaigns with multiple on ramps allow your audience to join the story where they feel most compelled. Give your viewer the joy of discovery. Create a stronger connection and a greater commitment to your mission.  



Pictures paint a thousand words. Video FTW. 



Show don't tell. Duh.

Matt has something to offer that is ultimately transformative.
— Bryan Saner, Performance Artist